Liner Notes: 7th Anniversary Chat Wrapup & References

Since the chat room doesn’t keep everything forever, I thought I’d import screencaps of the discussion with Daron here for those who missed it, and also embed the YouTube chat, plus add in some links and other things for you all since it has been such a long time since I had time to post real liner notes!

During the chat we discovered two crowdfunding related things! One, the tip jar got topped up by none other than Stef (aka s) who wrote me to say “Happy Birthday to Ziggy” because since he won’t tell us when his birthday is, might as well make it Halloween, eh? I didn’t realize that was what made us hit $100 though! I hadn’t seen the progress bar, I guess! Thanks, Stef, there will be a chapter on Saturday! Two, Amy pointed out that I forgot to post the proper thing to Patreon patrons last week to charge them as needed. It’s been posted now, but it’ll show up as November now…!

Here’s the video chat first of all:

The band Daron mentioned is his new fave is PWR BTTM (“Power Bottom”). This TinyDesk Concert of them from NPR (all 15 minutes of it) is a great example of what they’re like:

PWR BTTM live at MIT:

The PWR BTTM album Ugly Cherries is for sale on Amazon.

The book Daron was saying he wants to read is Bob Mould’s autobiography SEE A LITTLE LIGHT.

And the book he was saying he already read was Stevie Salas’s autobiography WHEN WE WERE THE BOYS. (I read it, too. Good book.)

And here are screencaps of the chat!

Thanks again everyone who came to hang out online! Let’s do it again soon!
























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Comments 1

  1. TJ wrote:

    Think you gave them a boost — DC show sold out! :((


    daron Reply:

    Ben tweeted that a lot of their shows were selling out. Go down to the venue anyway and look for people with extra tickets, though–you know there’ll be folks with extras. And you’ll meet some awesome people while asking around.


    Posted 04 Nov 2016 at 7:08 pm

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