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Me and Court and Remo—on the advice of Dr. Lenin—decided to rotate. The way we did it is going to sound backwards, but bear with me. Instead of every 8 hours one of us being there with Claire, it was the other way around. Every 8 hours one of us took a break and left […]

It Won’t Be Long

So do you ever wonder what happened to the doctor we visited in his office that one day–remember that? I kind of vaguely wondered, and eventually something he’d said that I hadn’t tracked on at the time started to make sense. He was Claire’s doctor when she was fighting the cancer. Now that she wasn’t […]

The Show Must Go On

Maybe in some ways talking to the lawyers was good practice for talking with the plainclothes police officers who wanted to interview me about Claire’s drug use. And maybe listening to Digger weasel out of a lot of speeding tickets and the like helped, too, but let’s not think about that.

Pretend We’re Dead

If she could have gotten two seats on a flight I think Carynne might have gone with me. But as it was the best option had only one seat left. The plan was to fly me to Atlanta and then I got on a puddle jumper that had only like eight rows or something? And […]

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Where do you think I would rather be, sitting in front of a court reporter while middle-aged men (and one woman) in suits grilled me about my relationship with my father, or sitting in front of a bunch of doctors grilling me about my mother’s drug use? Unfortunately, Ziggy’s principle that things are usually not […]


I got back to the apartment feeling vaguely grimy, probably from the travel but maybe also from the lawyer talk. When we practiced the deposition, Feinbaum tried every underhanded trick he could think of to try to get me to act defensive. Because the thing is even if what you’re saying is the absolute truth, […]

Get a Leg Up

It was decided among the lawyers that I should go to New York to prepare for my deposition. I resigned myself to the process. Courtney came to Tennessee and I handed off the keys to the extended stay place and rental car the next day, after showing her around the care facility and introducing her […]

Man on the Moon

(As sharp-eyed readers may have noticed, last chapter seemed to skip a bit of time? That’s because I managed to get these two phone calls mixed up. Daron talks to Carynne first, then Ziggy, but I posted the Ziggy phone call last time by accident! Sorry about that, folks! Here’s the Carynne call you were […]

Voice of the Beehive

“So, why do you hate talking on the phone?” Ziggy asked, a couple of nights later, after we’d gotten into a bit of a habit of talking every night after I came back to where I was sleeping. I appreciated that the place was basically right down the road from the care facility—close enough that […]

Walking on Broken Glass

Before you ask, no, we did not wake Colin up in the middle of the night. He had been right, as usual, about it being important for it to be just me and Ziggy. We woke up in the morning still as tightly wrapped around each other as if we’d slept in a tour bus […]