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You Don’t Know How it Feels

We got our twenty minutes. We worked on one song during our soundcheck. We worked on it enough to make me feel like–at least on that one song–we tiptoed back an inch or two from the precipice. The rest of the Star*Gaze set was still going to be like crossing the canyon without a net, […]


The stadium we were playing in Bogota was immense. It took my breath away it was so immense. And that was when it was empty. What was it going to be like full? Well, okay, three-quarters full, since they didn’t sell tickets for the area behind the stage or alongside. But the general admission to […]

Unexpected Bonus Post: Missing Chapter 748

Like the title says, here’s a surprise bonus post!! Explanation below:

Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)

We were slated for two shows in Bogota with a day off in between. By the time we cleared customs and reached our hotel it was night. Ziggy was immediately whisked off to meet some press people. I did not mind not having to go with him, even if I wished we could have spent […]

Cold Shot

The “inspection” required all of the equipment to be unloaded. From some things Barrett said I gather they didn’t believe we’d actually go through with it. Thank goodness we weren’t traveling with a full lighting rig and stage set, I guess? That still took hours. The crew were none too happy about having to go […]

Road to Nowhere

(A couple of quick reminders! Remember to have a look at last week’s Casting of Carynne, Colin, and a few other folks! RSVP if you are coming to the August 20th meetup in Louisville, KY! There are still a few slots open for Fanworks Thursdays! Love you all! -ctan) — I was more alert while […]

What Can You Do For Me

I woke some time in the morning to find I was snuggled against Colin. No panic this time. He was deeply asleep and I didn’t have enough energy or neurotransmitters to panic at that point.

Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing

(Happy Fourth of July everyone!) I was not in the mood for a party after the show, but there was going to be one whether I was in the mood or not. When you drag a bunch of young, creative people partway across the planet and then have several thousand people scream adulation at them, […]

Top of the Pops

Tell me. When do you think the worst possible time for my hand to cramp up would be? In the middle of the show? Right at the beginning of the acoustic segment with me and Ziggy? Right in the middle of “Candlelight?” The fact that it happened the in the five minutes before we went […]

One Shot

From an objective viewpoint, the Star*Gaze opening set was probably a perfectly adequate performance. But I don’t have an objective viewpoint. I thought it was excruciatingly terrible.