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Dramarama/Haven’t Got a Clue

Janine came home while we were sitting in the kitchen. Ziggy excused himself to bed and Janine took his place at the table. “Here.” I got up and retrieved a tea cup for her, and then poured some from the pot. “How was work?” “All right.” She accepted the cup somewhat warily. “It’s okay,” I […]

Faith No More

That night Ziggy and I were lying in bed in Landon’s room while waiting for Janine to come home. It had been an exhausting day and we really hadn’t done anything. Just dealing with other people’s emotions all day was enough to wear us out, I guess.

Digging in the Dirt

So this is how I met my nephew Landon. Sitting in the waiting room of a hospital. Remo had driven Janine home to have a nap while Ziggy and I stayed at the ER. By the time we got there Claire had been insisting that we not fuss over her, but in that way that […]

It’s A Shame (My Sister)

I sat down at the kitchen table. Remo poured me some coffee and Ziggy poured in the cream and pushed the cup toward me. I wrapped my fingers around it. “You look shell-shocked, kiddo,” Remo said. “What the fuck was that all about?” I tried drinking the coffee to see if anything would start to […]

Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Didn’t she know? Didn’t she know?! Hadn’t someone told her? Wasn’t it obvious? It’s really hard to get your thoughts in order when you’re choking on raisin toast and your mother’s condemnation.

Head On

Round two came after I was properly dressed–by rock musician standards, I mean–and the scent of coffee from downstairs became too strong to resist. It was chilly, so I put my leather jacket on over my flannel shirt. “I’ll go first,” Ziggy suggested.

You Woke Up My Neighborhood

Ziggy crept out of the bed in the morning with the words, “Gonna scope out the shower situation.” I stayed under the covers. In the morning light, I could see pine trees through the small window. It took me a minute to remember where we were. I mean, I knew we were in my sister’s […]

Star Sign

The house was a two-story brown-shingle job set back from the road but not far from the houses on either side. The windows were all dark. Remo brought us in through the front door, which didn’t appear to be locked. Janine had gone to sleep, I supposed, and we tiptoed in. Maybe she was just […]


Remo picked me and Ziggy up at the Memphis airport. He looked like hell.

Wicked Game

I guess I better tell you something about my older sisters. You think I was good at pretending my mother didn’t exist? I was even better at pretending Lilibeth and Janine didn’t exist, and when we were growing up my life was a lot better when they pretended *I* didn’t exist. When my big sisters […]