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I should probably tell you what Claire was feeling, but the fact is I really don’t know. When she was having the terrible nausea, I could relate to it, since yeah, that’s something I’ve felt. But I didn’t have anything that I could relate to what was happening to her overall. Plus she was very […]

Ziggy’s Christmas Story

Okay, because it’s Christmas, I wanted to do something special, and I realize this means dragging out the cliffhanger a bit, but that’s just how the dates fell. I wrote you guys a little Christmas story from Ziggy’s point of view, about his high school days in NYC. Thursday we’ll be back to our regularly […]

DGC Site News!

Hi folks! Cecilia here. It’s been a while since I did a comprehensive news post, and I’ve been hinting in Patreon and on social media that some big things are in the works, so here’s a post of its own so that we don’t end up clogging up a chapter post with a bunch of […]

Unexpected Bonus Post: Missing Chapter 748

Like the title says, here’s a surprise bonus post!! Explanation below:

The Future of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Please Weigh In!

So the posting last week of the DGC “annual report” has led to a lot of discussions both in the comments on that post and in emails back and forth between me and various readers, fans, and supporters. That prompted me to post this as an anchor post for discussions about some stuff for this […]

The DGC Annual Report for 2015

Hello, fans of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! As the end of the year draws to a close and I start to get my ducks in a row for income tax purposes, I thought you guys might like to see how the site did this year and what I spent your donations on! First some stats from […]

Protected: Reviews Bonus Thank You Scene (18+ only)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Thank You Bonus Scene!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone who reviewed the books of DGC on Amazon! Over 100 reviews were added to the total and I am always always always grateful for the time and attention you all bring to this series. Here’s the reward for the 18-and-up crowd I promised: the threesome scene between Daron, […]

Site news: reviews campaign and *that* scene

In yesterday’s post, at the bottom, I mentioned I’d written a bonus scene that people have been asking for, and what one has to do to get it. Yes, the scene is written already (Daron wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it…) and so here are more details on how to get it ASAP: […]

New ebook is live! DGC Volume 6!

I know I said I was originally going to release this on January 5. Then I realized I’m going to be on vacation in Disney World that day. Aha. Fortunately my proofreader finished quickly, so I bumped the release day up to December 29th! Which is today! Book Six should now be live on both […]