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Summer Song

Courtney declared the evening a success, so it was a success. Toward the end some actor I didn’t know showed up, but Court relegated him to the “B-list at best” and we didn’t intersect. When we got home, Chris informed us that Claire had gone to bed, so him and me and Court and Colin […]


I should probably tell you what Claire was feeling, but the fact is I really don’t know. When she was having the terrible nausea, I could relate to it, since yeah, that’s something I’ve felt. But I didn’t have anything that I could relate to what was happening to her overall. Plus she was very […]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Remember how the crowd had seemed extra excited, extra loud, extra into it, the first show we did after the explosion? This was like that. Our usual entry to the stage had Remo come out last. The rhythm section would start first, and gradually each of us would kick in, me last with a recognizable […]

I Don’t Wanna Be a Hero

I didn’t see much. I heard shouting and glass breaking like beer bottles were being thrown. I splashed my face in the sink and wiped it with a towel because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Two other guys came out of the stalls to stand next to me by the sinks, listening […]

Kitchens of Distinction

When Carynne and Bart and Chris went back to Boston, I went with them. There were still two weeks before Team Ziggy would take possession of the audition/rehearsal space, plus Ziggy had some stuff to do on the West Coast, and I really really wanted to get home for a while. Not that I didn’t […]

Only Tongue Can Tell

When the meeting was over, and we had run out of things to say–because you know of course we rehashed everything at least twice and maybe three times–I was in no mood to actually play. More importantly, neither was anyone else. Bart made some noises about having to get up early for real and that […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

We had the band meeting in our living room, because where else would we have it? Carynne, the four of us, Courtney taking notes and Colin there to talk about the accounting stuff. Honestly, it was hard to concentrate at first because Ziggy was sitting in the chair across from me and it was like […]