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Shining Star

Of course it turned out that Christmas cookies are not just any cookies you happen to bake for/on Christmas. There was a specific kind of cookie that Claire had in mind. She told Landon all about them while we were rolling out the dough and using cookie cutters, all about how making these cookies was […]

Mysterious Ways

Later that week we had a tree-trimming party. I don’t actually remember ever having a “party” to do it before. When I was a kid I’m pretty sure that getting the tree up and decorated was a big chore that various family members were drafted into. Or maybe Claire always considered that to be a […]

Christmas is Coming

(Because it’s the holidays, we’ll be having three posts this week: this one, a special flashback story from Daron on Thursday, and then a regular chapter on Saturday! The flashback story will be posted overnight both in text form and I’ll be posting a video of it. Merry merry everyone! -ctan) — A little while […]

What’s the Matter Here?

Tuesday afternoon we moved into a new rehearsal space, one where we could let loose a little more, and where we could start recording. Chris had a friend at company called Mondo Z Productions, with a recording studio and video production company with facilities in a loft outside of Chinatown. Most of their crew was […]