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It’s All Too Much

I debated whether to wear the brace for my hand to rehearsal. You know, have it on up until the last minute and then whip it off to actually play? I was debating whether it would be better to do that–and potentially have everyone treat me like glass, which might undermine my authority but might […]

Haven’t Got a Clue

So the call went out among our contacts that I was going to be holding auditions for drummers in New York. But we still hadn’t made any firm decisions about the rest of the instrumentation. Horns? Backing singers? Auxiliary percussion? I wasn’t going to make those decisions without talking to Ziggy and Barrett again, now […]

The Look

(By the way, there will be a Saturday post! The donation counter hit $100 so now it goes back to $0 and starts accruing again! The more times we hit $100, the more extra story posts there will be! -ctan) — First thing when we got to Barrett’s office the next day I told him […]

A Lil Ain’t Enough

(Note to RSS users. We dumped Feedburner because it stopped working at the end of 2015 and expect Google is about to kill the service. The correct address to point your RSS reader to is: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/?feed=rss2 Anyone who would like to get new posts via email, I’ve created a new email list here http://eepurl.com/bMQGpj to […]

You Belong In Rock and Roll

Daron, here. Hi folks. I had to write something to go before today’s chapter, not because of anything in the chapter but because of the news we got late Sunday night that David Bowie had died.

Do It Clean

(Check out yesterday’s “future of DGC” post and discussion! I want your feedback about a bunch of things! -ctan) — We met up with Barrett and Ziggy at the WTA offices, which were on a couple of floors of a midtown high rise not terribly far from the BNC and WTA offices. Not quite Rockefeller […]

Merry Go Round

So the reason Barrett was there that morning wasn’t to trigger an existential crisis in my artistic life, but to drive us to San Diego. He didn’t trust that we wouldn’t end up dead in a ditch, and given that neither Ziggy nor I had really slept an appreciable amount, I had to agree it […]

Everything Counts

I was more talkative than I expected to be through breakfast given that I was on short sleep and I usually didn’t express myself so much in front of people I didn’t know well. But Barrett got me on the subject of rock radio and I guess I couldn’t help myself. “It makes no sense […]

Dog Eat Dog

(Site news: If you didn’t read the news yet about the DGC Amazon review campaign and how to get your copy of the much-wanted Daron-Colin-Ziggy scene, go check it out here: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/?p=4418. Meanwhile, meme contest ended last night at midnight eastern! Congrats to Lena who won the $25 Amazon gift card and some DGC swag […]

Ready, Steady, Go

(The DGC book 7 ebook releases today!! Get it on Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords, and join us tonight for book chats! 8-9pm eastern right here on the DGC Site Chat Room and then 9-10pm on the Cecilia Tan YouTube Channel! Post your questions for Daron or me below! -ctan) — The oh-my-god-what-ARE-we-going-to-play panic finally hit […]