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Money’s Too Tight to Mention

So I ended up spending the entire next day in the airport because I didn’t make that standby flight after all. They did book me on another flight late that night, though, for certain. I didn’t complain. Orlando flew ahead and said he’d meet me on the other side. At least I hoped that was […]

Let’s Dance

By April it got warm enough that I started convincing Bart to come out and busk with me, to relieve some of the itch to play and boredom. But he was afraid to bring any of his good basses outside, so he bought a set of bongos and beat on them sometimes, and he had […]

Suddenly, Last Summer

Bart had to be on the Vineyard early the next day for some family get-together so I took Amtrak back to Providence. From the train I could see a lot of the green nothing between cities, ragged thunderclouds trailing gray rain in the sunny July sky. When I arrived the pavement was wet but the […]