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Every Little Thing

My California geography sucks, mostly because I get a lot of the names which are very similar mixed up, but also because some of the dense parts take a long time to cross and some of the empty parts take very little time to cross. Therefore how far apart things are is skewed in my […]

So You Think You’re In Love

“Your new manager is pretty great, you know that?” Courtney said to Ziggy. “The man first of all is a walking Rolodex, and second of all, not an apparent slimewad.” “I’ve liked him so far,” Ziggy said with a small shrug.

Gone Daddy Gone

(Wrapping up the Amazon reviews campaign: if we can get just THREE more reviews for Volume 3 and four reviews for Volume 7 by Monday at midnight, I’ll release the bonus scene on Wednesday. Dunno why vols 4-5-6 lagged, but they’re all in double digits now so I figure that’s very respectable. Thank you everyone […]

Get the Message

Soundcheck went all right. Everyone seemed mellow, and pacing themselves for three days in a row. We didn’t need to overdo it and after six weeks on the road it wasn’t like anyone needed to learn anything new. After we were done and the other bands were doing their checks, it felt to me like […]

My Best Friend’s Girl

Melissa was very blond and very, very pregnant. I found her in the suite with most of everyone else, including Martin, who had his ear pressed to her swollen stomach. He pulled back suddenly. “Ow! He kicked me!” “Do you know if it’s a boy?” Alan asked. Melissa shook her head. “We don’t know for […]

Groove Is In The Heart

When you come from the New York area, you grow up learning a certain disdain of tourists. So it was distinctly weird to be staying in a hotel in the city for an honest-to-god vacation. It really hadn’t sunk in for me that we’d be playing tourist in what was, really, kind of our hometown. […]


(Please support the DGC Thunderclap! We need 100 people to sign up to share the news on Dec 29th about the new ebook: http://thndr.it/1G7l4bZ) — So here’s a list of my least favorite things in the world: getting up early, talking to lawyers, and dressing up. Guess what I did the morning before Courtney and […]

PART FOURTEEN: December 1990: Love Shack

I went home. To Allston, I mean. But as I may or may not have established before, I’m terrible at being home. The problem with defining one’s self by what you DO instead of by where you’re FROM is that home becomes this really fraught concept… Maybe I shouldn’t generalize. Maybe it’s only like that […]

Wouldn’t It Be Good

I spent another week in Boston, during which Carynne made me go to the dentist, and I got all my new furniture arranged. My room seemed bigger when it had actual shelves and a sleek chest of drawers instead of all the piled milk crates. Having an actual bed meant there was room under it […]

Sick of It

Okay, here’s a question for the guys in the audience who have sisters, especially little sisters. Pop quiz. What’s the right thing do when you accidentally walk in on her crying? To be more specific, when you’ve climbed an outcropping of rock near the beach because you’re kind of feeling like you want to get […]