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Gone Daddy Gone

(Wrapping up the Amazon reviews campaign: if we can get just THREE more reviews for Volume 3 and four reviews for Volume 7 by Monday at midnight, I’ll release the bonus scene on Wednesday. Dunno why vols 4-5-6 lagged, but they’re all in double digits now so I figure that’s very respectable. Thank you everyone […]

Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

It took Digger a second to recognize me, and then he said what I was thinking, “What the hell are you doing here?” “I heard the ribs here are good,” I deadpan improvised. I’m pretty sure he not only hadn’t expected to see me at this party, he hadn’t expected to see me on this […]

Ball and Chain

(Before you read this chapter make sure you caught up on both Saturday and Sunday’s posts! -ctan) Digger and Mills weren’t wearing matching suits but they might as well have been. No ties today, but button-up shirts undone at the top. “Doesn’t sound like his highness is too happy to see you,” Digger said, as […]


So, I was expecting a bout of insomnia, but I guess all the alcohol and turkey outdid the stress, and I passed out not long after J. and I got in bed. Jonathan, on the other hand, apparently lay awake thinking about everything he had seen and heard, and Jonathan being Jonathan, made up stories […]

Oh Daddy

The doorbell rang while I was on my second cup of coffee, which was after I had tried all the pies. The caterers had set up a big pitcher-Thermos sort of thing with the last of the coffee and had just left, so when it rang everyone assumed it was them coming back for something […]

Paper in Fire

The secretaries were not as fawny as the last time I had been here, but then that time had been preceded by a lot of hype and there was the little matter of the unveiling of the gold record. Or maybe it was just that Ziggy wasn’t here this time. Some junior publicist sat me […]

Putting on the Ritz

I only slept four or five hours, and then I was up prowling the kitchen in the dark and then the studio, too restless to sleep when there was work to be done. Four days until Ziggy, and one day until I had to turn in roughs. And a matter of hours before I was […]

Looking for Clues

I learned a couple of really important things that night, which I guess just goes to show you never know what good leaving the house might do you. Here they are in chronological order. The first is that the expression “counting the days” to me didn’t mean actually counting the actual days,

Girl on Film

The next day Jonathan went to his meeting, and Remo and I spent all afternoon in his home studio with him teaching me these parts and me overdubbing a bunch of soundtrack stuff. I had completely forgotten he’d told me months ago about a soundtrack he had been working on and I thought it was […]

Call Me

Colin was waking me up gently, nudging me and saying my name in a soft voice. My first thought was that something terrible had happened and so he was trying to be gentle to me, to break it to me softly. But no. He was just being kind.