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Ordinary World

We got in late that night and I tried the number where Remo had said he’d be. By the zip code it looked to be somewhere in Tennessee and I wondered if he was doing another trip through bluegrass country or what. I got a hotel voicemail system and left him a message. He’d have […]

(I Just Wanna) B With U

Well, I almost got my wish. Carynne came over to my room, where I was resting after the taxicab sightseeing trip, to tell me the deal on dinner. “What do you think about you, and Ziggy, and me, and another person doing dinner?” Her hair was pin straight in the cold, thin air and she’d […]

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

(Site news: Mark your calendars for Nov. 16th 5-9pm Eastern for the DGC online chats and celebration! Submit questions for me OR Daron to answer! RSVP on Facebook.) — Another week went by. I was very, very good all week. You know what I mean. I didn’t stay out too late. I got up in […]


So I decided to cook dinner for J that night. Whether that had anything to do with what Carynne said is… Okay, I admit, it had everything to do with what she said about me doing the bare minimum.

Our House

The doorbell woke me up a few hours later and I knew Digger was back. Everyone in the band had a key to the house and wouldn’t have rung it. I started changing my clothes, then remembered I’d put these on clean before I fell asleep. The hair on the back of my head was […]