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I Think I Love You Too Much

They yelled at each other for a while. Knock-down drag-out stuff. The details don’t matter, I guess, or I would think I’d remember it better. I curled myself up in a ball in the seat I was in and tried not to hear any of it. Maybe I partly succeeded and that’s why I don’t […]

Bob’s Yer Uncle

I didn’t wake up so much as come to in a somewhat dingy hotel room in Nashville. The curtains were shut but a line of bright sun made it past one edge. I could hear two snores, one that was definitely Flip and another one from the floor beside the bed. I could also hear […]

Breaking Us In Two

I was still sitting there with my bag unzipped and a guitar case open when I realized another Melissa and Remo argument was in progress right outside the door. “You don’t understand what it’s like,” she was saying. “I have to be with him all the time.” “He needs someone with him, but Mel, there’s […]

Hey Stoopid

If you know me and you know Remo by now you can guess that the next day no one said anything about the night before, and we didn’t treat each other any differently than usual, except maybe slightly less ball-busting. This time, though, I could see the effort that went into Remo maintaining an even […]

Hole Hearted

(Monday at midnight is the deadline for turning in Orlando-themed fanworks! Knowing what was coming up in today’s chapter would land around then, I timed it that way on purpose. You’ll see why. -ctan) — I successfully avoided any and all family drama while we were in Miami. Go me. And I did my vocal […]