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Ultra Vivid Scene

So the free screening of the film was at a movie theater in Times Square. For those of you who have never seen a movie in New York City, it’s a little bit like going to a gospel church, where people yell at the preacher when the spirit moves them. If you’re used to the […]

Close to Me

Jonathan snuck out at some ridiculously early hour and I had no trouble going back to sleep after his murmured “see you tonight.” I slept until the wakeup call came at noon. At that point I was ravenously hungry. I dug through what was left of my clean clothes, figuring out what to save for […]

Who Wants to be the Disco King

We ordered lunch delivered. It wasn’t worth causing a scene to go downstairs and eat in the 24-hour coffee shop. I still believed that Bart and I could’ve without attracting too much attention, but we were forbidden when Toph came back upstairs with the latest headcount on the crowd outside. I felt a little bad […]

Love Vigilantes

Oh my god, I love Austin. Okay, not as much as Boston, but the second we pulled up to the place, I felt better. There were about fifty fans waiting at the edge of the driveway to greet the bus when we pulled in, waving signs and cheering. Some of them had the “Candlelight” lighters […]

I’ve Seen All Good People

Outside the backstage door there were ten or twelve people, mostly girls, waiting behind police barricades for someone famous to come out and make a dash for the limousine parked there. I asked the security guard at the door if I could get a cab. He said I could go around front, or he could […]