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Tears Run Rings

I didn’t see Remo when we were getting ready to go the train station, but Waldo didn’t seem perturbed by his absence so I figured he must be off doing promo or something. We got settled in the train for another high-speed trip. This one was going to cross the “inland sea” of Japan. I […]

Send Me an Angel

(Note: donations this week are only $20 from triggering a bonus post, largely thanks to Chris in the Carolinas, so if you’re thinking about putting something in the tip jar, this is a good week to try to trigger Saturday post! Also, I should let you all know that today’s the launch day for Slow […]

Quiet Life

Dinner was a formal affair, on flat cushions at a low table like the ones they had in the back room at the fancy sushi places in Boston. The waitresses were all in traditional kimonos, and they refilled the sake and plum wine in our glasses whenever they dipped under half full. As a result, […]

Silent Running

The kind of dumb thing about the next day was we took the train almost all the way back to Tokyo, to do a show in Yokohama. I guess since it only takes a hundred minutes by train, it didn’t matter that much, but in my mind that was like playing a show in Boston, […]

Mystery Achievement

We took the train to Nagoya–not the subway train, the fancy, high speed train. The equipment had all gone ahead of us already days before, so we didn’t have that much to carry. By car it would have been four or five hours–the same distance as going Boston to New York. By “bullet” train it […]

Big in Japan

What book is it that has that “best of times, worst of times” line? I hope it’s a good one because I’m going to rip it off and it’s best to steal from the best. It was the worst show ever and the best show ever. I was not ready to go out there and […]