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Pandora’s Box

I could have probably titled these chronicles “Things I Know Now that I Didn’t Know Then.” Sure, most of what I’ve learned is things about myself–and relationships. But then there are the simple things like, oh, if you nearly pass out incoherent chances are you should’ve gone to the ER. As it turns out, I […]

Live and Let Die

When there’s something on my mind, I don’t think very well. I mean literally, it’s like there’s something in the way of the gears of my brain clicking the way they should. I think addiction is having something on your mind constantly, something that’s not actually beneficial to you at all. Obsession, too–same deal. I […]


I managed to finish the set without falling off the stage, having a heart attack, or passing out. I mostly tried to pretend no one was there in the pit, but I looked at them a couple of times. Claire was smiling and if I thought too much about it I was going to miss […]

Fire Woman

The writer from St. Louis drove us to the venue for soundcheck. On the way there Remo said to me, “You better explain about the lounge act.” “Lounge act?” Will asked, sounding slightly alarmed, or maybe I imagined that.

Men Without Hats

I felt foolish the next day for having had an emotional outburst like a five-year-old over essentially nothing but I felt good about the fact the only people who knew I’d flipped out like that were Carynne and Ziggy. And in hindsight I felt good about the fact that I had felt comfortable turning to […]