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“How’s your mom?” Carynne asked, the next time we spoke on the phone. I clutched the phone, trying to come up with an answer other than “dying of cancer.” I mean, how are you supposed to answer that. I stammered, “Um, sleeping a lot–?” “Oh, jeez, sorry. I just asked out of reflex.” She made […]

Man on the Moon

(As sharp-eyed readers may have noticed, last chapter seemed to skip a bit of time? That’s because I managed to get these two phone calls mixed up. Daron talks to Carynne first, then Ziggy, but I posted the Ziggy phone call last time by accident! Sorry about that, folks! Here’s the Carynne call you were […]

The Unforgiven

You may have heard the expression “I need a scorecard to keep all the players straight” applied to various situations from complicated family situations to corporate working environments. What Mintz did in almost doodle-like fashion after going over all the basic contracts, though, was literally make himself a scorecard.

Lawyers in Love

I think I was supposed to be impressed by the law office. It had extra cushy-feeling carpets in a gray color that was so light it was almost white, which had to mean it was expensive to clean. Out of the elevator the entrance to their office suite had chrome accents and a frosted glass […]

Dog Eat Dog

(Site news: If you didn’t read the news yet about the DGC Amazon review campaign and how to get your copy of the much-wanted Daron-Colin-Ziggy scene, go check it out here: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/?p=4418. Meanwhile, meme contest ended last night at midnight eastern! Congrats to Lena who won the $25 Amazon gift card and some DGC swag […]


When I got home there was a message from Carynne saying she was on her way to my house to bring Chris up to speed and hang out a little. “I usually like you to be the first to know things, but after you didn’t call back, I called Bart and talked to him. Call […]