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Middle of the Road

That night I asked Ziggy super-casually if we could hit Limelight. I had no idea if Jordan would be there but he had been at least half the times I’d gone over the past couple of years, even when he wasn’t deejaying, and in the far back of my head I had this inkling that […]

Slave to Love

Ziggy returned a short while later with a bag of groceries from the bodega a few blocks away and a pizza. “Barrett dropped by,” I told him, while we sat on the wide sill of the window with the open box of pizza between us. “To make sure I was the reason you weren’t answering […]

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

My suspicions that New Year’s Eve could turn into a drug-fest were borne out in spectacular fashion, by which I mean absolutely everyone I knew there except Christian, who appointed himself our babysitter, and Tony, who was already Ziggy’s designated watchdog, ended up on ecstasy or acid or both. Jordan, Sarah, Courtney, Carynne, Ziggy, everyone. […]

Liner Note 45: November 2014

ctan: Welcome to another liner note with me and Daron, where we fill in background info on DGC, provide site news, kibbitz about the music industry, pop culture, LGBT representation in the media, and other of our favorite topics. In fact, we hit so many topics in this one here’s a preview: -Kickstarter & ebook […]

Golden Blunders

(Notice to Kickstarter backers! Surveys are out! Please respond ASAP: look for email from Kickstarter asking to confirm your address and other info! More below… -ctan) Since I’d last visited Sarah her career had taken a couple of leaps and turns. (I forgot to say: we did go out to dinner once or twice when […]

She’s So Unusual

I don’t know if you noticed, because I certainly didn’t at the time, but I came out to Trav in the course of that little conversation. It was only later that I realized it was no big deal to him. Maybe it’s more important that for once it was no big deal to me. Or […]

Glamorous Life

So I learned a very important lesson about tequila. The lesson was this: I remembered way more about what happened when I was on LSD than after two drinks of tequila. At least, I think it was two. Like I said: I don’t remember. Let me back up to what I do remember.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

The press conference was over but I was thirsty and jittery and my face still felt hot, like I’d gotten sunburned from the bright TV camera lights. I went into the men’s room and splashed my face with water. I slid the elastic out of my hair and let the uncut strands fall over my […]

Mexican Radio

New York was New York. Mills planned a reception and press conference at Limelight to announce our “new relationship” and told us to invite whomever we wanted. I got the number for the Pool Bar from directory assistance and left a message on Jeremy’s answering machine telling him to show up. There wasn’t anyone else […]