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Liner Note 55: August 2018

Okay, it’s been a million years since we did a liner note, and ctan’s too fucking busy, so I’m doing one anyway. Cool? MEET UP ctan herself was just in California and got together with some readers out there in some kind of, like, zen garden tea place. (In Berkeley of course.) Where do you […]

Liner Note 51: February 2017

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to pick a cover for volume 11 of the ebook compilations. Please leave your feedback in comments below, or just vote in the poll (if you’re on LJ or RSS you may have to click through to the original post to make sure your vote […]

Liner Note #33

ctan: Daron. Did you realize that the fourth anniversary of DGC is coming up? Daron: Of course not. I have no sense of time. ctan: It is. On November 1, 2009 the first post was made. So on November 1, 2013, it’ll be four years. Daron: Holy shit. What should we do to celebrate? ctan: […]

Liner Note #22

Hello, everyone, Cecilia here. Lots of cool stuff to share with you today about Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, including news about Audiobooks, news about the paperback omnibus, a fun list of GLBT celebrities, and I answer reader questions solicited in the previous liner note!