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The End of Innocence

So it began to dawn on me that Jonathan was a morning person, no pun intended.


(Sorry about the post-out-of-order confusion this morning. Turns out it was a post LAST week that got accidentally skipped! So to make sure you’ve read everything, here’s the proper order: So Alive Putting on the Ritz (the skipped one that popped up briefly this morning) Strangelove Then today’s chapter, Debaser, below.) — Everyone hates being […]


Three days to go, and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up my recordings and making a backup tape, and then I drove over to the production office in Santa Monica to deliver it. The delivery tape was on a reel, but I’d made a dub onto a cassette also, which I handed them […]

Putting on the Ritz

I only slept four or five hours, and then I was up prowling the kitchen in the dark and then the studio, too restless to sleep when there was work to be done. Four days until Ziggy, and one day until I had to turn in roughs. And a matter of hours before I was […]

So Alive

Five days to go on Ziggy, three days to go on the scoring gig. J. and I had some breakfast together in the kitchen and then went to our respective work rooms. It’s hard to describe what it was like working alone. I mean, I was used to sketching out tracks and writing lyrics and […]