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Fear of the Unknown

I met Matthew at a coffee place he liked, where they had a downstairs room with lots of little tables and chairs. We settled ourselves with very large mugs of coffee in one corner where the chairs were low and soft. There was music playing I didn’t recognize–good music, I mean–which earned the place points […]

Heaven or Las Vegas

(Hey folks, I notice we’re only $16 from triggering a Saturday post! I’ll keep an eye on it! -ctan) I should have known that this wouldn’t just be one of Jordan’s regular parties at his loft. But until Tony pulled the limo up to a velvet-roped line somewhere on the Lower East Side, that’s what […]

Good Times Roll

That night there was something of a party at the hotel. Not an official industry type party, nothing that formal, although there were some industry people there. Like Jordan. And some friends. Like Matthew. I guess it was more of a mass hangout than a party, do you know what I mean? I had a […]

Don’t Dream It’s Over

(Don’t forget! This Saturday, 5-9pm US eastern, the DGC 4th Anniversary Online Celebration! Bookmark the new DGC Chat room for the 5-7pm live chat with Daron and ctan: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/chat-room and then at 7pm ctan moves to her uStream channel for the video portion! Rumor has it she may read from Colin or Ziggy’s stories! More […]

I Don’t Mind at All

I should tell you about everything I learned that night at dinner, but I can’t remember that much of it. Archie and Jonathan had read and loved many of the same books and had seen and loved many of the same movies, and the two of them being the two intellectuals went off on long, […]

The Flat Earth

I walked. Digger didn’t try to follow me, though the cabbie yelled at me as I slammed the door. I cut over one block and then kept walking uptown. Summer heat rose up out of the sidewalk but it felt good to be walking, because then at least I was doing something beside thinking “what […]

It’s Only a Northern Song

I slept most of the way to DC and woke up on the East Coast. We were trucked straight from the plane to a soundcheck. Before I knew it, I was pacing around backstage, waiting for the lights to dim. It didn’t seem possible that just this morning we’d been halfway across the country. As […]

Message In A Bottle

It was a different cab. This one had that stale, wet smell, like the inside of a shoe. Matthew and I climbed into the cavernous back seat. I put my feet on the seat and hugged my knees. “Is it far?” “It’s a little ways. We’re staying on the far side of the airport.” Matthew […]

More Than A Feeling

Opening night we played to a packed house of 7500 people at a music hall in San Diego. Remo told me we would be playing mostly venues that size or smaller. This was what they called a “warm up tour,” to let the band break in new material in front of smaller audiences. In a […]