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Railway Children

In the morning I went to the airport in a hired car that was not driven by Tony. I guess because Nomad was paying for it and not WTA? The flight was from Newark, which I tried to pretend was not in New Jersey. I made my way to the gate, my left thumb aching […]

Cutting Crew

Here’s the thing. If we were in the Carolinas or Seattle or somewhere, I would have let them take me to the hospital and pump me full of painkillers and worried about missing the show later. The fact I’d already missed one would have made it easier since I knew the world wouldn’t end and […]

Skin Deep

There were a lot of extra people around. Typical for a New York metro area show. The only thing that kept it down the day before was the stomach flu warnings, I guess. That meant a lot of extra people distracting me before soundcheck, so that when soundcheck time came I was surprised by it. […]

Under the Bridge

I had enough on my mind that I forgot to feel crappy about being in New Jersey. For one thing, the Byrne Arena wasn’t that different from a million other venues like it, so it was easy to forget where we were. For another, we saw a lot of the New York crowd, which seemed […]


Our plague ship sailed all night and we pulled up to the Byrne arena some time in the morning. I’m not sure when since I was dead asleep in my bunk and didn’t wake up for another couple of hours. After lunch I went looking for Remo and found him in a production office on […]

Hazy Shade of Winter

When I opened the door to my hotel room I could see my leather jacket was on the corner of the bed nearest the door , as if someone had dropped it off in a hurry. I stepped on the day sheet on my way over to check that my wallet was in the inside […]

Liner Note #26

ctan: Okay, a bunch of stuff has been amusing us lately, and we decided to do this Liner Note together. Daron: yeah, I felt I didn’t have enough chances to have my say. (*snickers*) ctan: You’re a dumb-ass. Daron: Never claimed not to be. Okay, first off, ctan asked you all a bunch of questions, […]

No New Tale to Tell

J. hit the next exit. When he rolled down the window to toss a quarter in the ramp toll basket the air smelled swampy. We rolled on up the road toward something that looked lit up about a half mile away. A diner. A real, honest-to-god diner. They made me sit down and have a […]


Ziggy was true to his word. He didn’t make me sit through listening to any of the others. He swigged down the Shirley Temple, coughing a little as if he went too fast, and then we got out of there. On the sidewalk he stumbled a little and leaned against me. “Ahhhahaha, that was fun. […]


Thanks everyone who voted in our reader poll or who made a donation during the “lobbying” period! I hope you been enjoyed the bonus posts triggered by the donations this past month. In today’s liner note, Daron and I have various fun videos, history notes, we talk a lot more about New Jersey, and so […]