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I walked into The New Orleans venue and the reason it looked so familiar was because it was. Moondog Three had played there in 1989. In fact one of our band stickers was still prominently displayed on a supply cabinet in the green room there, a metal cabinet so scuffed and dented that for all […]

Message of Love

I didn’t hear until after the show, but the word was that the St. Louis Arena had sold out, so I guess the national anthem thing worked out. The band was in the bus and rolling out of there before midnight. It was a long overnight drive to NOLA, and we weren’t sleepy right away, […]


A couple of our fan club folks made the trip from Houston, and we had a nice but short visit with them to take many more photos and goof around a bit before the actual show started. Once Megaton took the stage, though, we cleared our dressing room of all non-essential personnel. That night was […]

Deeper and Deeper

I was serious when I said we had enough basket cases. I really didn’t need to sit around crying about my heartache, when Ziggy was flipping out from his meds, Chris was getting pulled down by addiction, and the Megaton shit-fits were not over with yet. That afternoon we showed up for soundcheck and Louis […]

Every Rose Has its Thorn

What woke me was someone knocking on the door. I lay there for a second trying to remember where I was. I wasn’t used to waking up in an actual bed, you know? It was so bright in the room I was amazed I’d slept. Then again, I’d gotten laid. My entire body felt better […]

You May Be Right

After Bart and I ate, we sat around in the mostly-empty restaurant in no hurry to leave. Late night patrons still laughed loud at the bar in the back and waitstaff drifted back and forth with new bunches of fresh flowers for the tables and full salt shakers. Now that I was full, and probably […]

Pretzel Logic

Bourbon Street was the same as last night, with people wandering through the bright neon-lit humidity looking as much at each other as at the store fronts and bars. Music poured out of every doorway and was sort of soothing after a while, the booming bass of one place fading into the cajun wheedle of […]

Another One Bites the Dust

We each did a pretty good job of avoiding the other after that. At one point all of us were sitting around sharing beer and stronger substances with the openings bands (you guessed it, like everyone else we’d met in New Orleans, they were ultra-friendly) and having a wide-ranging group conversation, but that didn’t really […]

Walk Away

I lay for a long time on top of the bedspread with my clothes on, thinking, thinking. I couldn’t even remember half of what we had just said, which was unusual. Usually I could play back a traumatic exchange like a movie. In fact, I was usually helpless to stop the endless replays. But it […]

Instant Karma

I had just hung up the phone and was exploring the extra-large bathtub in the suite’s bathroom–it had some kind of jets–when I heard the door open. Ziggy came in and threw himself down on the king-size bed. “Tired?” I asked as I paused in the doorway from the bathroom, my voice neutral. He threw […]