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All This Time

Jordan threw a Concussion Party for me. I’m not kidding. I don’t know who told him what was going on but what we found when we got to his place was ambient techno burbling in the background from a new surround-sound speaker system he’d recently installed and ambient lighting low. The first person I saw […]

Good Times Roll

That night there was something of a party at the hotel. Not an official industry type party, nothing that formal, although there were some industry people there. Like Jordan. And some friends. Like Matthew. I guess it was more of a mass hangout than a party, do you know what I mean? I had a […]

No One Is To Blame

When I got back to the party, the jam session had broken up, the Ovation was in its case. I could tell from the way everything was arranged that Flip had been the one to put it away. Once a guitar tech, always a guitar tech. I went to find him to say thanks. He […]

In a Big Country

So by the time we got to Brisbane, it was the next day, which meant we didn’t see much of the place other than the concert hall and the hotel, since the day after that we flew to Melbourne. The main thing I remember is having breakfast in the hotel and feeling a sense of […]

Don’t Stop the Dance

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the production company where Jonathan was working had their “holiday” party. (I think technically it counted as Christmas and New Year’s, too.) I didn’t think of Jonathan’s company as very large, but apparently they were part of a group of affiliated companies, and each one of those companies had various […]

Lovely Money

Friday night we went to a party and Pike introduced me to Keith, who it turned out had heard about me from Chernwick. And that led to another gig with a band who were partway through cutting their album when one of their guitarists broke his wrist in a swimming pool accident. The story was […]

Out of Control

I forgot to tell you the one weird thing about the MuchMusic party show/duet, which was somehow I ended up on the left side of the riser and Ziggy was on the right. I didn’t even think about it when they were trying to get the microphone on my head; Ziggy’s mic stand was already […]

I’m An Adult Now

The first of the Austin shows went very well. I had the odd experience this time of looking down at the fans clustering at the front of the stage and recognizing faces. The bruise on Ziggy’s face was like a blackish purple swirl leading from the corner of one eye down toward his cheek. It […]

Cuts You Up

(Kickstarter status: 53% funded! 16 days to go! We just have to keep up this pace and we’ll make it! http://kck.st/IlE7Bi) — Carynne. Oh my god, good old Carynne. She sat down with me in the first row of seats and went over every mother-loving detail I asked about. Come to think of it, it […]