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I Love a Rainy Night

That night we stayed put at the motel, with a plan to roll on to a press day in DC first thing in the morning. Staying the night in Pittsburgh hadn’t been the original-original plan, I don’t think, but then some question about where in Virginia the trucks would park cropped up, and Carynne definitely […]

Sister of Mercy

(Quick update! Donations trigger another bonus post today! Meanwhile in the bonus story poll, Colin is only $28 short of guaranteeing a story from his point of view! Not only that, but that same $28 more would trigger a Saturday post next week, too! So if you’ve been thinking about putting in a dollar or […]

Dance Hall Days

It was raining in Pittsburgh when we arrived and seemed much darker than it should have been for mid-afternoon. There was no thunder, just sheets of rain, the water seemingly warm but the gusts of wind cold. My thumb ached. The venue was a general-admission type club, but a big one, with a clean dance […]