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Sea of Sorrow

Ziggy had changed clothes between the club and the loft. He was wearing a denim jacket that once might have been light blue but had been remade violet over a tight white undershirt. Jonathan was holding him forcibly against a wall by his grip on Ziggy’s jacket sleeves, or maybe he was holding himself up, […]

You Got Another Thing Coming

By noon I had worked my way over to Bart’s house and knocked on the door. After a few minutes his roommate whose name I could never remember opened it. “Bart here?” I realized then that I didn’t see his car. “Nah, he took off for Boston with Michelle.” Like it was the most natural […]

Don’t Do Me Like That

Bart dropped me off in front of a gray three-storey house on the East side. Once upon a time it had been one huge house, but now it was divvied up into apartments, two on the first floor, one on each of the top two. Roger and I had been roommates for eighteen months, now, […]

Life In a Northern Town (Part Two: December 1986)

Roger hung his head, bumping it against the mic stand and muttering to himself, his short hair shining golden under the track lights of the studio. He couldn’t hear me swearing on the other side of the soundproof glass. I punched a button on the console and backed up the tape for what seemed like […]