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Me and My Friends

I jerked off in the shower because I figured it would help more than hurt. All it meant was then my hair was wet and some more of the eyeliner was gone when I lay down, trying to figure out what to do with myself. I decided I might as well write a song. The […]


We ended up back at the hotel. I stuck the bouquet of flowers into the ice bucket with some water. Then I hung Christmas Cat Elvis on the mirror and asked him for some advice. “Maybe you’re not the best person to ask about this sort of thing, King, but I may as well start […]

Sowing the Seeds

You think you’re ready. You always think you’re ready before you go on stage. But you don’t really know until something goes wrong. You convince yourself nothing will or that if it does, you’re ready to deal with it. But you just have to do it. You go from thinking about doing it, from wondering […]

Someone Somewhere in Summertime

The show was at a place called the Seattle Center Arena. I had no idea what to expect with a name like that, but I knew from one of the many lists of Carynne’s I’d seen that it seated eight thousand. Inside it was kind of a miniature Madison Square Garden. Once upon a time […]

Behind the Sun

(If you missed the poll to vote on the band logo or whether we should dump Paypal, please go vote here: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/1364) The good part about having gotten no sleep the night before flying across the whole country is that I slept on the plane. And I mean from the moment we sat down and […]

I’ve Seen All Good People

Outside the backstage door there were ten or twelve people, mostly girls, waiting behind police barricades for someone famous to come out and make a dash for the limousine parked there. I asked the security guard at the door if I could get a cab. He said I could go around front, or he could […]