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20th Century Boy

My hair consultation apparently wasn’t only with Bernard and Linn. Ziggy was standing there between them when I pushed open the restroom door and he looked me up and down critically. Well, all three of them sort of stared at me but it was Ziggy in particular I noticed. Not the most comfortable feeling. “Hey […]

Golden Brown

(In the midst of the Kickstarter campaign, somehow you guys still managed to trigger a Saturday post, too! So here it is. -ctan) — The Aesthetician came by The Hangar to measure us all for wardrobe more than once. We also had a couple of production meetings there instead of at the office so she […]

You Belong In Rock and Roll

Daron, here. Hi folks. I had to write something to go before today’s chapter, not because of anything in the chapter but because of the news we got late Sunday night that David Bowie had died.