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I Advance Masked

We ended up staying in New York until Monday night (or maybe it was Tuesday, doesn’t matter). We stopped by the office before heading out of town so Ziggy could sign something (or meet someone or whatever, doesn’t matter). Carynne was there and I sat down next to her desk and played with the Wonder […]

Best of What I Got

Okay. I fully admit that bullshit ideas about how to “be a man” are what turned my father into a toxic waste dump of a human being–probably what fucked up my grandfather, too, now that I think about it–and were very instrumental in all the ways I tore myself apart like a Cuisinart blade spinning […]

The Heat is On

We’d had months to get ready, so why were we rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off the final week? That’s just how it is, I guess. Carynne had us doing a list of errands, and there was packing, and laundry, and equipment checks, and eight billion other things, plus phone interviews with […]