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Free Fallin’

That phrase of Ziggy’s rattled around in my head to the point where I had to write it down as a song lyric because it had a kind of bluesy rhythm to it: “Nothing that time won’t fix.” Downbeat on “time” is the three. You hear it? One-and-nothing that TIME won’t fix. Thing is, I […]

Groove Is In The Heart

When you come from the New York area, you grow up learning a certain disdain of tourists. So it was distinctly weird to be staying in a hotel in the city for an honest-to-god vacation. It really hadn’t sunk in for me that we’d be playing tourist in what was, really, kind of our hometown. […]

Tower of Strength

I was the first one off the stage when we ended the regular set and I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the others. Ziggy came last and pretty much fell into my arms, limp and trembling with exhaustion. I hung onto him in the cacophony that was the crowd exhorting us […]