Chat Room & User Forum


Pull the blue tab that says CHAT all the way over at the page’s right edge and you’ll open the public chat room.


If you have a username here at DGC, log in using it and your avatar will show up in the chat room, too! If you don’t have an avatar, associate your email address and the image of your choice over at and all wordpress sites will use it automatically, including this one.


Get a username here at DGC by registering here:

All registered users are then able to post and reply in the forums which are here:

DGC Discussion:


The DGC Discussion area is for fans only, meaning Cecilia (and Daron and Ziggy) keep their noses out of there, to talk about the content of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. Speak freely amongst yourselves, but like they say in Bill & Ted, be excellent to each other. Or as Wil Wheaton says, don’t be a dick.

The Off-Topic area is for meta discussion, talk about stuff like music in general, and the function of the DGC website, whatever else. Cecilia does poke her head in there from time to time. (Remind her in email at ctan.writer @ if there’s a thread there you want her to see since she might not have noticed, though.)

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