Bailey (last name unknown)

On-stage sound tech in San Francisco. First appearance:  Chapter 190

Band manager (full name unknown)

Manager of a four-piece band from Galveston, Texas. First appearance: Chapter 603

Bar bathroom encounter (full name unknown)

Man in neighboring stall in New York bar bathroom. First appearance:  Chapter 45

Barnaby “B.B.” Pluger

Head of stage tech for Moondog Three during second tour. First appearance: Chapter 241

Barrett Thomas

Talent manager from the Weiland Thomas Agency. Helping to plan an international tour. First mention: Chapter 586 First appearance: Chapter 642

Bartender (full name unknown)

Flirty LA bartender, possibly anorexic. First appearance: Chapter 568

Bartholomew “Bart” Cubbins

Daron’s best friend and bassist. First mention: Chapter 5 First actual appearance: Chapter –

Bass player (full name unknown)

Bass player for band from Galveston. First appearance: Chapter 604