Cab driver (full name unknown)

St. Louis cab driver who showed Daron and Ziggy the city. First appearance: Chapter 804

Cain (last name unknown)

Second bass for Megaton. First appearance: Chapter 286

Cameron (full name unknown)

Assistant Director of “Wonderland” video. First appearance: Chapter 236

Campus Policeman

Campus policeman at University of Wisconsin in Madison during a Nomad performance. First appearance:  Chapter 11

Candy (last name unknown)

Receptionist at the Aquarium. First Mention: Chapter 5

Carl (last name unknown)

The flirty flight attendant that Daron secretly nicknames “Mr. Neatly Groomed.” First mention: Chapter 6 First actual appearance: Chapter 6

Carl (last name unknown)

Ex-hippie-ish bar owner in Chapel Hill. First appearance: Chapter 156

Carmen DeSoto

Ziggy paramour. First appearance:  Chapter 51

Carynne Handley

Manager in training on Nomad’s tour and others.  Niece to Waldo. First appearance:  Chapter 8

Charlie (last name unknown)

Flugelhorn player on Nomad spring tour. First appearance: Chapter 617

Charlie (last name unknown)

Neighbor of Bart’s when he was in middle school. First appearance: Hallelujah: Bart’s Christmas Story

Chris (last name unknown)

Host of the local bar where the boys like to drink.  Recently arrived from South Carolina. First appearance: Chapter 537  

Christian “Chris” (last name unknown)

Former keyboardist for the band Miracle Mile but wants to drum for Moondog 3. First mention: Chapter 48 First appearance: Chapter 51

Chubby Asian Doctor (full name unknown)

Doctor dealing with flu epidemic during Nomad tour. First appearance: Chapter 758

Claire Marks

Daron’s mother. First mention: Chapter 4

Clarice (last name unknown)

One of the two back-up singers on the Nomad spring tour. First appearance: Chapter 617

Clark (full name unknown)

Engineer/Producer on the Prone to Relapse album. First appearance: Chapter 740

Clerk (full name unknown)

Sales woman in the shoe department at Macy’s. First appearance: Chapter 676

Colin (last name unknown)

Roommate of Chris’s at the Allston house.  Part-time accountant, full-time punk. First appearance: Chapter 84

Cop (full name unknown)

Cop at the San Diego arena. First appearance: Chapter 658