Daron Marks

First appearance: Chapter 1 Biography: Daron is the main character of the story, the narrator. He’s a guitarist who escaped New Jersey after high school graduation by going to music school in Rhode Island. Read the whole rest of the site for all the details after that. Notes: There may be a discrepancy in the […]

Dave (last name unknown)

Guitarist for Tygerz Claw whose injury leads to Daron playing a gig with the band. First appearance: Chapter 2

Dave (last name unknown)

Part of security crew for Moondog Three tour. First mention: Chapter 285

Dave (last name unknown)

Venue manager, Boulder. First appearance: Chapter 174

Dave (last name unknown) (Chapter 9)

Road crew for Nomad’s warm-up tour. First appearance:  Chapter 9

Dave Gerrard

Stage name Dave Jerusalem. Singer for the band, Miracle Mile. First mentioned in chapter 307. First appearance: Chapter 310

Davide (last name unknown)

Boyfriend of Jonathan First mention: Chapter 784 First appearance:

Deejay (full name unknown)

Deejay at charity event (over the radio). First appearance: Chapter 562

Denise (full name unknown)

Artie’s assistant. First appearance: Chapter 61

Diane “DeeDee” (last name unknown)

Daughter of Louis and Shiree. First appearance: Chapter 775

Digger Marks

Daron’s father. First mention: Chapter 4 First actual appearance: —

Dina Santucci

Twin sister of Anthony. Ziggy’s first “loves” were the twins when he was 10-11 years old. First mention: Chapter 249

Dirk Ericson

Security personnel hired for Moondog Three after problems arise on tour. First appearance: Chapter 305

Doorman (full name unknown)

Sarah Rogue’s New York sublet doorman. First appearance: Chapter 524

Dorothy Cubbins

Bart’s stepmom. First appearance: Chapter 371

Doug (last name unknown)

Bass player in Tygerz Claw. First appearance: Chapter 1

Doug (last name unknown)

Drummer for Stumblefish. First appearance: Chapter 176

Dr. Elizabeth Franks

Ziggy’s psychiatrist from Boston. First appearance: Chapter 385

Dr. Hand Specialist (full name unknown)

Red-headed doctor who specializes in hand injuries. First appearance: Chapter 765

Drag queen (full name unknown)

Friend of Jordan Travers. First appearance: Chapter 601