J.D. Considine

Notorious, well-known reviewer for Rolling Stone and Musician magazines. First mention: Chapter 666

James (last name unknown)

Lead guitarist for MNB. First appearance: Chapter 59

Janessa (last name unknown)

Digger’s secretary. First mention: Chapter 584 First appearance:  Chapter 647

Janine Marks

Daron’s sister. First mention: Chapter 5 First actual appearance: Chapter –

Jared (last name unknown)

Nashville deejay, an older, red-faced feller who also plays the fiddle. First appearance:  Chapter 751

Jason (last name unknown)

Lead guitarist for Stumblefish. First appearance:  Chapter 175

Jay (full name unknown)

Co-worker at Tower Records. First appearance:  Chapter 32

Jay (last name unknown)

Lead singer for MNB.  Sometimes known as Jam. First appearance: Chapter 55

Jeremy (last name unknown)

Owner/manager of The Pool Bar in New York City. First appearance: Chapter 40

Jessica Meyer

Bart’s middle-school crush. First appearance: Hallelujah: Bart’s Christmas Story

Jewelry store clerk (full name unknown)

Clerk at jewelry store in St. Louis. First appearance: Chapter 804

Jill Sanders

Reporter from the College Music Journal. First appearance: Chapter 75

Jim Calendra

Night clerk in Athen’s hotel. First appearance: Chapter 159

Jimmy Marone

Trombone player and singer for Ska Ka Doodle Do. First appearance: Chapter 114

Joe Alvarez

Replacement guitarist. First appearance: Chapter 562 First named: Chapter 573

John Cubbins

Bart’s father. First appearance: Chapter 371

John Masters

Road manager for the MNB tour. First mention: Chapter 54 First appearance: Chapter 59

John Mills

A & R department head for record label BNC. First mention: Chapter 61 First appearance:  Chapter 64

Jonathan McCabe

Reporter for SPIN Magazine. First mention (unnamed): Chapter 55 First appearance (named): Chapter 71

Jordan Travers

A-list record producer assigned by BNC to Moondog 3. First mention: Chapter 103 First appearance: Chapter 128