Lacey Montaigne

Supermodel who starts dating Christian after a photoshoot. Real name is Karen. First mentioned in Chapter 230, but not by name. First appearance: Chapter 236

Lars (last name unknown)

Roommate at the Allston house. First mention: Chapter 86

Leo (last name unknown)

Make-up stylist. First appearance: Chapter 724

Lilibeth Marks

Daron’s older sister. First mention: Chapter 5 First actual appearance: Chapter –

Linda (last name unknown)

Student in Marketing and Publicity class at Emerson. First appearance: Chapter 606

Linnea “Linn” (last name unknown)

Aesthetician for the international tour. First mention: Chapter 555 First appearance: Chapter 685

Lorne Acevedo

Trumpet player hired for South American tour. First appearance: Chapter 722

Lou “Lego” Johnson

Former crew mate of Louis, now working at Walt Disney World. First appearance: Chapter 743

Louis (Last name unknown)

Lighting tech Moondog Three uses during headlining tour. Daron previously met him when touring with Remo Cutler/Nomad. First mentioned Chapter 208, but not by name. First appearance: Chapter 212