Ralph “Raffy” (Last name unknown)

High school crush of Daron. First appearance: Merry Xmas from Daron: The Candlelight Story (flashback)

Rand (full name unknown)

Member of the crew of Moondog Three’s headlining tour. Possibly the equipment truck driver but that is not explicitly stated. First mention: Chapter 319

Randy (last name unknown)

Bus driver for the Nomad spring tour. First appearance: Chapter 620

Ray (last name unknown)

Sarah Rogue’s New York driver. First appearance:  Chapter 524

Ray (last name unknown)

Antonio’s younger brother who idolizes Daron. First appearance: Chapter 330

Ray Blair

A & R man from Runaway Records. First appearance: Chapter 204

Rebecca (last name unknown)

Bart’s mother.  AKA Becky Daylily. First mention: Hallelujah: Bart’s Christmas Story

Reese (full name unknown)

Sound lead. Part of crew for Moondog Three headlining tour. First appearance: Chapter 243

Reggie (last name unknown)

Drummer for Thrash Rat Brigade. First appearance: Chapter 91

Remo Cutler

Remo Cutler grew up in St. Louis, left school to start working at age 16, and hitch hiked to New York City. Founder, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of American roots rock group Nomad. First appearance: Chapter 3

Remy Harris

Big daytime star. First mention: Chapter 550

Reporter (full name unknown)

Reporter for Bay Area Music (BAM). First appearance: Chapter 664

Reporter 1 (full name unknown)

Reporter at the Wenco offices press conference. First appearance: Chapter 669

Reporter 2 (full name unknown)

Reporter at the Wenco offices press conference. First appearance: Chapter 669

Reporter 3 (full name unknown)

Reporter at Wenco offices press conference. First appearance: Chapter 669

Rich (full name unknown)

A&R Rep for a four-piece band from Galveston, Texas. First appearance: Chapter 603

Richard (last name unknown)

Director of the movie Star Baby which co-starred Jennifer Carstens. First appearance: Chapter 529

Richie Barone

Saxophonist and leader of the house band at The Cat Club. First appearance: Chapter 669

Rioter (full name unknown)

Bathroom brawler at punk concert. First appearance: Chapter 699

Roger Devon

Roommate of Daron at RIMCon and singer.  Sometimes uses nickname “Dodge.” First mention (unnamed): Chapter 13 First mention (named): Chapter 25 First appearance: Chapter 27