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    Here’s a thread where you can post song titles and videos. Anything from the 1980s and through 1990 (now that the story goes there) is fair game. Any genre of music.

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    From the 80s and 90 only? I’ve been been waiting for a heartfelt rendition of Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppeling for nothing?

    Anyway, I’ve sent you song ideas before, but I ran into this one today that would make for a totally appropriate chapter title:

    And this:

    And the Smashing Pumpkins debut single (featuring Corgan with lond hair!):

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    Oooh some excellent ones here. And yes, I do dip into the 70s from time to time, especially stuff Daron listened to while growing up and/or in Remo chapters but we haven’t done any in a while. I think partly bc it’s symbolic of Daron moving on, and I used mostly songs from 1989 while we were in that year, and 1990 now that we’re in there. At least, I look at that list first before I go earlier.

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