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Be My Number Two

(ICYMI: DGC Kickstarter going on now! Will we pass $2,000 today? We’re at $1,902 when I’m posting… Go check out the fun rewards, many under $10! -ctan) — The next morning I felt the effects of having hardly slept two nights earlier. I felt like I could barely roll over as Ziggy answered the phone. […]

There’s No Other Way

(Kickstarter is launching today around noon! Check it out and share the link: http://kck.st/1RFanDN ! -ctan) In the end we auditioned seven drummers. Yes, seven. Bradley wasn’t the only one to show up without confirming with Carynne first. Hey, I’m sure if I got wind of a gig I really wanted and didn’t manage to […]

Why Can’t I Be You

Carynne arrived around 11:30 with Bart and Chris in tow. She looked happy to see me and gave me a not-quite-there kiss on my cheek (not because she was afraid I was contagious or something, but so as not to muss her power lipstick, or so she explained). She looked less happy to see Bradley. […]