This is a collection of links to various fanworks related to DGC, including art, fiction, songs, memes, and other cool stuff made by fans to celebrate their love of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles.

I started this page to be an index for the fanworks created during the DGC Fanworks Initiative in February 2015, which was a way for me to give away some of the extra swag leftover from the 2014 Kickstarter, and also happened to coincide with International Fan Works Day as celebrated by the Organization for Transformative Works. Since then more and more fanworks have been created and if you don’t see them linked from this page yet, check the new fanworks category index.

If you’re a fan of DGC, you should know that we are supportive of fan creativity. You can read my whole statement supporting fans and fan fiction of my original fiction on my blog: Please feel free to play in my sandbox and share the love with others. You *don’t* have to tell me about it (unless you want to be linked here). It’s OK to post to fic archives, DeviantArt, YouTube, wherever you like, or if you want it to be posted here on the DGC site, email it to dgc.fanworks @

Thank you for all the love!!


Multimedia Fanworks:

“Longing Song” audio MP3 by megmakes
DGC Playlist by Sanders (a Youtube playlist)

Song Lyrics

“Longing Song” by megmakes
“Pleasured Pain” by Chris Cox

Fan art

Daron & Ziggy by Amy Crook
Daron by Chris
Daron, Ziggy (separately) by Amy Crook
Colin, Daron, and Ziggy (together) by Amy Crook
Bart & Chris by Amy Crook

Fan fiction

Nobody But Us” (a continuation of chapter 152) by Chris (NC-17)
Lost Weekend: Daytona Beach Pier” (Ziggy/OFC) by Chris (NC-17)
October 2015 challenge submissions by various
Devil in Her Heart” by Bonnie Sinnock
The Other Side” by Chris (NC-17)
A Little Normal” by sanders (Gen)
Alternate Reality” (NC-17, AU) by Mel

Memes, memes, and more memes

There are so many of these I had to give them their own page, actually, so click here for that:
Memes by Stef:
More memes:

A music video compiling all the memes to date:

Please give your fellow fans some love by leaving comments for them on their posts! I’m seriously blown away by how absolutely wonderful they are!

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