Fanworks: DGC YouTube Playlist by Sanders

Sanders sent me this playlist when it was about 65 songs long, I think, and since then it has grown to 76 songs, with the following note:

“There are roughly nine million things I want to say about this, starting with ‘It’s not finished!’ and ‘Curating a mix on YouTube sucks; give me a double cassette deck and a stack of tapes any day.’ The rest of the commentary will keep, I’m sure, just like I’m sure the the vid list will keep growing. The initial plan was something wholly different, involving putting music on a USB drive and having nicely designed handwritten liner notes to match and mailing the whole thing to you with cookies and toys for the cats. Then I thought about how to share it with the rest of the DGC community, and realized that plan wasn’t going to work. Then I learned my way around YouTube, learned to hate YouTube, made my peace with YouTube, and realized the number of songs was approaching triple digits on the list I was keeping….”

“So, I’m sending the link now with the caveat it’s a project in motion. Some of the songs sound like Daron and Ziggy having their non-conversations, some of them are Daron/Jonathan, some of them are for Sara, and some of them are performers that either make me think of Ziggy (Pink is a great one for that with her cover of “Welcome to the Jungle”) and others are what I think Moondog3 might sound like. Then there’s the batch of songs where the lyrics are just too perfect with various points of the story, but the songs are too modern to have recced for inclusion.

“I’ll be adding more things, and maybe figuring out space online to post notes about why each song got picked, but I wanted to share it now while people are creating art for the story.

“It’s probably best listened to with shuffle on, and the video quality isn’t great on some of them, as is the problem with YouTube. You also probably don’t want minors in the room when “Sin” by NIN comes around. Calling it NSFW is possibly an understatement.”

(Learn more about fanworks for Daron’s Guitar Chronicles here:


  • Lenalena says:

    OMG, Sanders, you overachiever, you!

    • sanders says:

      *blushes* I’d had a playlist on Windows Media for a while that I kept dumping things into, and finally decided to just find the vids to share. One of the things I love most about DGC is the video with every post and all the conversations in the story and in the comments about what music folks are into. We wouldn’t be here if music wasn’t important to us in some way, and if we weren’t fans, so it felt right.

      If you have suggestions for things to add, I’ll happily take them. It’d be great to turn the playlist into a community collaborative project.

  • chris says:

    This will be my road trip soundtrack for my next trip!
    That was a ton of work! Thank you for doing that for everyone!

    • sanders says:

      I had a lot of fun doing it. I hadn’t seen videos for some of the songs before, so those were great. I also managed to find some clips of Seven Mary Three that were recorded live in my town at shows I missed for various reasons.

      As I just says to Lenalena, I love that all of us are music fans to some big degree to hang out here, and I love sharing the artists I enjoy and learning what other folks are listening to. If you have suggestions for things to add, I’ll definitely take them.


      • chris says:

        I learn so much from everyone who posts to this site! And I also have so many good memories triggered. Thanks again!

        • sanders says:

          I absolutely agree. This is my favorite fandom because we learn together and bring our unique memories to everything, with so little drama. There’s not a person here I wouldn’t love to take out for a coffee sometime.

          • ctan says:

            I wanna take you all out for coffee sometime.

            I suppose we’ll have to stick with the occasional online chat though. Maybe we could all chat from coffee shops someday… except the time zone thing would still make that tricky! (Morning on the West Coast, early afternoon here, evening/late evening in Europe…?)

  • Amber says:

    I am looking forward to when I have the time to listen through this. You’ve inspired me to want to make a playlist too. There are so many songs that I think the lyrics could totally fit the story but they came out too recently to be added.

    • sanders says:

      \o/ Let me know when/if you’re ready to share yours. I’d love to know which ones you’ve picked. I’d also love suggestions for things to add. I’m going to poke around YouTube this week and figure out if there’s a way to create a playlist that multiple people can edit, because I’m really taken by the idea of a DGC collaborative list.

      • ctan says:

        uh my browser just ate my comment but tl:dr that would be cool or if not we can figure out a place to post here on the site maybe? (need to re-learn how forum registration works…)

  • ctan says:

    So I have been listening to the playlist a lot since I got it before you all — it’s been my writing music for a lot of while I was finishing the novel I just finished today (thank goodness). It’s just fabulous.

  • s says:

    It’s gonna take a while to listen to the entire list, but that is my new goal. I skimmed the song titles and there are several on there that have made me think of Daron or Daron/Ziggy on various occasions, and some others I hadn’t thought of. Very excited to get to the songs I’m less familiar with. Great job!

    Count me in the group that loves reading everyone’s comments and remembering songs I had forgotten about. I spent a week listening to Metallica’s Ride the Lightening over and over because of this story (not that I haven’t done that before, but it’s been a long time). Definitely looking forward to getting into the ‘grunge’ era in the story.

    I’ve been known to ‘hear’ Daron playing when listening to the radio. And it occurred to me recently as I was contemplating turning 40 (ugh) and listening to the songs from my childhood playing on the classic rock stations that M3 songs would now be played on those stations as well. Is it weird to pretend that I’m listening to M3 instead of the songs that I don’t like when they come on the radio? *shrugs*

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