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Various stories, vignettes, and scenes that are “extras” to the story, often created or offered for special occasions, fundraising incentives, etc.

DGC Extra: Ziggy’s Christmas Story

Okay, because it’s Christmas, I wanted to do something special, and I realize this means dragging out the cliffhanger a bit, but that’s just how the dates fell. I wrote you guys a little Christmas story from Ziggy’s point of view, about his high school days in NYC. Thursday we’ll be back to our regularly […]

DGC Extra: Hallo Spaceboy

January 13, 2016 “I got here as soon as I could.” Pulling the scarf from my neck, shedding my coat as I hurried down the hall, heart pounding, panic welling suddenly through the pain I was already in, as the ghosts of old fears suddenly haunted me again. “He’s been in there for three days. […]

203. DGC Extra: Flashback: Smalltown Boy

(And now a segment from Martin, Nomad’s drummer.) Wow, I’d totally forgotten that the night Daron showed up with a black eye was the night before we met Ray. But of course that makes sense because that explains why he was there and his Dad wasn’t. Okay, wait, maybe he didn’t have a black eye. […]

202. DGC Extra: Flashback: Rock This Town

(To get you all warmed up for new Daron posts again, we’ll start with a flashback story from Remo’s point of view, as promised many moons ago. At least, this section is Remo’s…) I named my band Nomad because I imagined we would travel the highways and byways of the world–or at least the country. […]