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Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Jonathan and his boyfriend (same guy I had met before) were in a three-bedroom place on the Upper West Side that apparently belonged to Davide’s family. Court and I got there around the same time and went in together. She was in full on punk mode, in a secondhand leather jacket I didn’t remember, a […]

Sea of Sorrow

Ziggy had changed clothes between the club and the loft. He was wearing a denim jacket that once might have been light blue but had been remade violet over a tight white undershirt. Jonathan was holding him forcibly against a wall by his grip on Ziggy’s jacket sleeves, or maybe he was holding himself up, […]

True Colors

(Happy Passover to those who celebrate it, and happy Saturday post to all readers of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! Your donations made today’s post happen! -ctan) — That might have been the first time I ever heard Ziggy admit there WAS a “real” him. I didn’t say anything about it, though. I just let the idea […]

Heaven or Las Vegas

(Hey folks, I notice we’re only $16 from triggering a Saturday post! I’ll keep an eye on it! -ctan) I should have known that this wouldn’t just be one of Jordan’s regular parties at his loft. But until Tony pulled the limo up to a velvet-roped line somewhere on the Lower East Side, that’s what […]


I met Jonathan for a drink. At some dive in Hell’s Kitchen, which is a scary sounding name for a neighborhood but actually it was really not that bad. Not really all that different from a lot of other residential areas of Manhattan. Mine was non-alcoholic, his wasn’t. I, of course, told him about my […]

Red Red Wine

Delmonico’s was a classic New York restaurant of some repute, apparently. I had kind of thought so from the name but with Ziggy it was hard to predict if he wanted to go somewhere obscure and out of the way or ritzy and exclusive or high profile where we’d “see and be seen.” This was […]

Add It Up

Tony knew where to park a limo temporarily at the airport and left the two of us in there while he went inside to stand around with the other limo drivers holding up a sign with Jonathan’s name on it. I was sure J would recognize him anyway since he knew we were coming to […]


I found a payphone and left a message at Sarah’s saying I hoped they weren’t worried, I was fine, and I’d fill her in when I got there and hopefully she’d be there when I arrived… She had the kind of voice mail you could call to retrieve messages, so if she and Jonathan were […]

Show Me Your Soul

I told her the rest over lo mein. It was weird telling laying out the whole thing, the whole trajectory of me and Ziggy, and I told her so. “I’ve never spilled it all at once like that, from beginning to end.” “End? Is it over?” “I sure as hell hope not,” I heard myself […]

Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely

(Another bonus post thanks to Kickstarter donations! If you haven’t chipped in to help produce a new omnibus paperback of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, now’s a good time… http://kck.st/R31kCx -ctan) — I slept three hours and then was wide awake in the morning, more because of jet lag than because I was worrying or something. I […]