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Goodbye Cruel World

Life felt very unreal for the next few days, like I was in a cellophane bubble. That feeling was uncomfortably similar to the way I’d felt while we were in South America. Like I could go through the motions but I was somehow walled off from everyone else by glass.

Rest in Peace

I suppose I should tell you how Remo came to accept that Claire was a terminal case. Hanging around the hospital as much as we were, we got to know some of the staff, and they got to know us. I think maybe Remo went out of his way to make sure they knew him […]

Planet Love

A bunch of questions competed for space in my brain. How did you get here? When? Was it your idea or Flip’s? How are you? Are you still mad at me? What made it out my mouth was, “Were you asleep?”

DGC Anniversary post 7

Today’s chapter is coming at the usual time (barring technical difficulties) but here’s today’s art for an early start! And don’t forget to join Daron for a chat from 8-9p and me tonight on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Xmew_g9ktp8 from 9p-10p eastern time! The ring’s effect on Ziggy has been profound, hasn’t it? I think he was […]

DGC Anniversary Post 6

This is a really fun one, no? And I have some song lyrics for you today. Ziggy wrote this really raunchy one he called “Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll” while he was working with Jordan on his solo record, and in the end they cut it as too raunchy. But I thought you all […]


“Put her in with me,” Courtney said when we got to the motel.We’d stopped for a real dinner, maybe to get the taste of a ten-hour long fight out of our mouths. Claire had been unnaturally quiet during the meal. She also had eaten very little. “I’ve got two beds and I’m leaving in like […]

She’s Gone (Lady)

Remo took Mel and Ford back to the motel, and I took Court and Ziggy. When we got there Remo asked if I wanted to pour one out for Jordan and I said yes. Ford could sleep through just about anything so we all gathered in Remo’s room where the motel staff had put a […]

All I Need Is You

(Here’s the chapter that should have been up yesterday! -ctan) — I want to take a moment to try to express how important Ziggy was to me at that moment in time. The night before, after I’d seen Claire to bed, he and I had cuddled by the tree while Courtney set up a spot […]

Like the Weather

The next day was Christmas Eve proper. Court and I got to the house maybe an hour before noon to find Janine and Claire in an argument and Landon nowhere to be seen. “Traditionally,” Claire was saying, “we would have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and open gifts then and on Christmas Day it would […]

Out in the Cold

The next morning we were awakened rather early by the phone ringing in our hotel room. It was Barrett and it was urgent. “There’s a rehearsal you have to be at and the only flight out that makes sense is two hours from now, so you need to get going.” “Two hours from now?” Ziggy’s […]