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Dear God

There was a moment of panic on my part when I realized the guitar I had there in Tennesee was the Miller, the low-action acoustic guitar Bart had given me years ago, and not the Ovation. Not that there was anything wrong with the Miller. The main problem was the case didn’t have the same […]

Bad Luck

(Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the US! If you’ve spent time with your biological family and now you’re ready to spend time with your chosen family instead, welcome to Daron’s. -ctan) — Bart called. I woke up with the phone ringing, and I picked it up and it was Bart. I lay on the bed, […]

Precious Things

(Whoops, and then I got mixed up on what day of the week is what. Here’s Tuesday’s post… on Wednesday, because I can’t keep track! Thursday’s post should come on time tomorrow, for real though! -ctan) — When we were maybe ten miles from the hospital, I could feel my anxiety winding tighter as the […]

The Show Must Go On

Maybe in some ways talking to the lawyers was good practice for talking with the plainclothes police officers who wanted to interview me about Claire’s drug use. And maybe listening to Digger weasel out of a lot of speeding tickets and the like helped, too, but let’s not think about that.

Voice of the Beehive

“So, why do you hate talking on the phone?” Ziggy asked, a couple of nights later, after we’d gotten into a bit of a habit of talking every night after I came back to where I was sleeping. I appreciated that the place was basically right down the road from the care facility—close enough that […]

Walking on Broken Glass

Before you ask, no, we did not wake Colin up in the middle of the night. He had been right, as usual, about it being important for it to be just me and Ziggy. We woke up in the morning still as tightly wrapped around each other as if we’d slept in a tour bus […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I gotta wonder if my mother’s life would have been different if she had lived it all along like she was worried what people would think of her after she was gone. Not that I think everyone should go around thinking about death all the time. Far from it. But I suppose there’s a fine […]

Song & Emotion

Two days later, when I joined Claire and Rita for a game of hearts in the activity room, Rita pushed a file folder in my direction. Her cheeks were pink and she cleared her throat. “My daughter informs me that if I don’t get your autograph she’s cancelling her Mother’s Day visit.” Claire was holding […]

Silent All These Years

The thing about having a relative dying of a terminal illness is that no one asks you why you’re crying. They think they know. (Which sometimes means they know more than you do.)

Symphony of Destruction

I went to mass on Easter Sunday alone. Claire wanted to go, but at the last minute said she didn’t feel up to it. Somehow that turned into me going on my own. The two most popular masses at any Catholic church are going to be Easter and Christmas. So even if I was in […]