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884. Material Issue

Flight time from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo was about three hours. Before we were allowed to board our plane, though, we were held in a closed off lounge in the airport. I didn’t think anything of it until three men in uniform–police inspectors of some kind–came in with a dog. A drug-sniffing dog, of […]

435. Hounds of Love

In the morning I examined whether my idealism about the relationship being dead was actually the same thing as the relationship being dead. In the morning I felt less fatalistic about it, anyway. Maybe a good cry does that. These are the thoughts I had in the shower after Jonathan left for work: Maybe I […]

139. Disintegration

Bart’s face was stony calm but his voice wavered as he said “Do you mind telling me what the fuck is going on with you?” ‘Fuck’ hit me like a mic pop and I flinched. My hair hung in sweaty strings down my face and I slid to the floor, my legs crossed under me. […]