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1083. Live and Learn

We spent far too long in the shower, to the point that we were still damp and naked when the phone rang again. I answered it thinking I’d tell them we’d call back in a minute, but that did not happen. Which is how I ended up having this conversation with two record company goons […]

535. Welcome to the Real World

(Saturday post! Also, Happy Pride Day in Boston! -ctan) “Sex has always been easy for me and hard for you,” Ziggy said. The statement would have come out more clinical sounding if he hadn’t also leaned over and wiped his eyes on the sleeve of my black T-shirt. His face was less raccoon-like now than […]

435. Hounds of Love

In the morning I examined whether my idealism about the relationship being dead was actually the same thing as the relationship being dead. In the morning I felt less fatalistic about it, anyway. Maybe a good cry does that. These are the thoughts I had in the shower after Jonathan left for work: Maybe I […]

434. Heart of Gold

So what I haven’t said about my conversations with Jonathan… is was what I haven’t said. I mean, what I wasn’t saying at the time. Which is to say that every time we talked about anything, I meant to bring up the question of Thanksgiving and every time we got sidetracked into something else–usually some […]