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Welcome to the Real World

(Saturday post! Also, Happy Pride Day in Boston! -ctan) “Sex has always been easy for me and hard for you,” Ziggy said. The statement would have come out more clinical sounding if he hadn’t also leaned over and wiped his eyes on the sleeve of my black T-shirt. His face was less raccoon-like now than […]

She Drives Me Crazy

(Make sure if you haven’t read Saturday’s post that you read it first…) — Thank heaven for the merciful angels in this business who save us from ourselves. No, really. Remember that time Belle gave me a bottle of cough medicine and then made me lie down on the couch in her office? She came […]

Life In The Fast Lane

So I rode to Ann Arbor with Digger. Hey, I thought, he’s my dad, I ought to be able to spend an hour with him. We were both still a bit hungover, and opted to keep the radio off as we left the parking lot. I fell asleep for I don’t know how long with […]

Promises, Promises

Not thinking about Digger was harder than usual. After I left Remo at his hotel, I walked back to the Aquarium first, to drop off the Strat there, which gave me twenty minutes to listen to Tollman’s boots click on the sidewalk and figure out how I felt about the whole thing. I made my […]