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370. Who Wants to be the Disco King

We ordered lunch delivered. It wasn’t worth causing a scene to go downstairs and eat in the 24-hour coffee shop. I still believed that Bart and I could’ve without attracting too much attention, but we were forbidden when Toph came back upstairs with the latest headcount on the crowd outside. I felt a little bad […]

369. Pop Goes the World

(We’ve had two requests for another adults-only bonus scene, this one for what happened between Colin and Ziggy at the end of last chapter! It’s so soon after the last one, I’m going to repeat the offer, to get Bonus Scene #5, if anyone’s too broke to donate, do any of the following and email […]

364. She Drives Me Crazy

(Make sure if you haven’t read Saturday’s post that you read it first…) — Thank heaven for the merciful angels in this business who save us from ourselves. No, really. Remember that time Belle gave me a bottle of cough medicine and then made me lie down on the couch in her office? She came […]