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Precious Things

(Whoops, and then I got mixed up on what day of the week is what. Here’s Tuesday’s post… on Wednesday, because I can’t keep track! Thursday’s post should come on time tomorrow, for real though! -ctan) — When we were maybe ten miles from the hospital, I could feel my anxiety winding tighter as the […]

You Think You Know Her

Court and I were sitting at Claire’s bedside while she took one of her opiate-induced naps. Let’s just say it was the next day, but the days were really running together for me. I mean, even more than usual. I’m pretty sure I was the one who started the conversation. “So. Ziggy thinks I’m obsessed […]

Wherever I May Roam

The reception was in a function room on one of the upper floors with large windows overlooking Boston Common. You know the story of the Common, right? Back in Ye Olde Colonial days it was the common area where everyone in town kept their cows and livestock. Supposedly the reason Boston’s streets are so crazily […]

A Girl Like You

(Wow! Halfway to a Saturday post already! Folks are enjoying the bonus scene! Remember, any donation into the tip jar gets you the bonus scene AND adds to the tip jar tally! When we reach $100 I post a chapter on Saturday! -ctan) — I woke up on the couch of the sublet with a […]


I should probably tell you what Claire was feeling, but the fact is I really don’t know. When she was having the terrible nausea, I could relate to it, since yeah, that’s something I’ve felt. But I didn’t have anything that I could relate to what was happening to her overall. Plus she was very […]

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Jonathan and his boyfriend (same guy I had met before) were in a three-bedroom place on the Upper West Side that apparently belonged to Davide’s family. Court and I got there around the same time and went in together. She was in full on punk mode, in a secondhand leather jacket I didn’t remember, a […]

On a Plain

Western Tennessee has milder winters than Boston does, but it’s not exactly tropical. The day I drove Courtney to the airport there was horizontal sleet freezing to the windshield. It did not make for a relaxing jaunt. A pickup truck passed us and sprayed gunk from its wheels. “I hope the pilots have better visibility […]

Nothing Natural

When I arrived back at the house in the morning, Courtney was wallowing in misery. “Ugh, this is your fault,” she said to me, her face half buried in the crook of her arm on the breakfast table.

When Doves Cry

The next evening we went back to the same mall. Me, Remo, Courtney, Ziggy, and Claire. Janine had abdicated her vote into Court’s hands. Ziggy and I had already bought something for her and no one argued with us–by which I mean Claire didn’t object when we said we had. Court and I were put […]


I saw a T-shirt the other day that said something like this: there are two kinds of crazy, the kind where you’re sure there’s something terribly wrong with you, and the other kind. I think the shirt was pithier, since that sounds like a lot of words to put on a shirt? What had caught […]