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Wherever I May Roam

The reception was in a function room on one of the upper floors with large windows overlooking Boston Common. You know the story of the Common, right? Back in Ye Olde Colonial days it was the common area where everyone in town kept their cows and livestock. Supposedly the reason Boston’s streets are so crazily […]

There She Goes

Hand therapy wasn’t at all what I expected. The waiting room was full and seemed to be split evenly into two groups. Older, gray-haired people and young, mostly clean-cut people. A lot of the young people were wearing wrist braces. I kept my scarred hand in my jacket pocket. No one seemed to recognize me, […]

What Is Love?

I took the T to my counseling intake appointment. I came out of Kenmore Square in the middle of the afternoon and there were already ticket scalpers in Red Sox hats staking out their territories on the sidewalk. I walked on the overpass of the highway to get from Kenmore to the medical center where […]

Keep On Movin’

I’m not going to lie. Healing was a slow process. It always is. Carynne found us a condo sublet off Comm. Ave. between Mass. Ave. and Boston Common, which put it about four blocks from Bart’s place and maybe ten blocks to the Tower Records where I used to work. The condo belonged to an […]

Rock Me Amadeus

So, do you want to know all the things I had to do to get ready for a more extensive tour? Well, for one thing, I had to buy more guitars.

Take The Skinheads Bowling

We arrived in Boston to a heavy drizzle and I wished I had a warmer coat with me. It had been late summer last week and now it was seacoast New England autumn. Watt met us at the airport with his hatchback and Christian retrieved his van from the long term parking lot. None of […]