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(Today’s chapter… coming tomorrow instead…)

Hi, folks! ctan here! I’ve been trying to post today’s chapter since last night. Got hung up trying to decide what song to use as title, couldn’t commit to one of the choices, then crashed and fell asleep before I could get it set up. Today’s been a whirlwind of last minute meetings and phone […]

DGC Site News!

Hi folks! Cecilia here. It’s been a while since I did a comprehensive news post, and I’ve been hinting in Patreon and on social media that some big things are in the works, so here’s a post of its own so that we don’t end up clogging up a chapter post with a bunch of […]

Liner Note 54: Louisville Meetup: The Recap!

So here’s the story of the DGC Meetup in Louisville! This plan got hatched when I realized that four of DGC’s most active commenters–Sanders, S (aka Stef), Chris (rck), and Bill (aka Mark Treble)–were all within driving distance of Louisville, Kentucky, which was one of the places I was planning to visit on my way […]

Unexpected Bonus Post: Missing Chapter 748

Like the title says, here’s a surprise bonus post!! Explanation below:

Miss Freelove ’69

It was just me, Chris, and Courtney from the Allston house, and we picked up Bart in the van. Carynne and Bradley were getting back to the city on their own schedule–in fact maybe they’d already left a day or two earlier. I don’t remember. It was a Sunday night so there wasn’t much traffic […]

Hallo Spaceboy

January 13, 2016 “I got here as soon as I could.” Pulling the scarf from my neck, shedding my coat as I hurried down the hall, heart pounding, panic welling suddenly through the pain I was already in, as the ghosts of old fears suddenly haunted me again. “He’s been in there for three days. […]

The Future of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Please Weigh In!

So the posting last week of the DGC “annual report” has led to a lot of discussions both in the comments on that post and in emails back and forth between me and various readers, fans, and supporters. That prompted me to post this as an anchor post for discussions about some stuff for this […]

The DGC Annual Report for 2015

Hello, fans of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! As the end of the year draws to a close and I start to get my ducks in a row for income tax purposes, I thought you guys might like to see how the site did this year and what I spent your donations on! First some stats from […]

Hallelujah: Bart’s Christmas Story

Okay, Bart here, and I hear you guys want a Christmas story, I have a doozy for you that involves the actual Messiah and getting your prayers answered. As Daron would say: insert angelic chorus here. (He learned that from me, by the way. Daron picked up most of his catch phrases and vocal tics […]

Admin Note: Coming Up Next for DGC

If you’ve gotten used to the rhythms of Daron’s narration, you’ve probably figured out by now that the slower he goes, the closer he is to a major breakthrough in his own head or major plot point. When each post is a different city, he’s in cruise control. When all of a sudden you get […]